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Real wood shutter door can make the home more green and beau

Complete sets of real wood shutter, realize completely real wood. Currently on the market selling a named set of solid wood composite door solid wood shutter door aroused the interest of journalists. According to sales staff, is called the real wood shutter door sets of solid wood composite door, because in order to make consumers selectivity of bigger, its skin is real wood skin, with a core material is not the same wood, thus with the compound word, but the door core material is, indeed, all imports of eucalyptus wood and camphor, even if the door also use the pure real wood material. And, in order to prevent deformation of real wood shutter door cover, as the core material of all kinds of log before going into production lines, high-temperature cooking. According to the solution of wood after cooking, not only can prevent the deformation, can also prevent bred worms, and can put the wood in the cooking oil from the wood itself is no bad taste.


After boiling, the solid wood board into the drying room drying in half a month, drying and then return to the open atmosphere resurgence, moisture content of 8% to 10% after the access to the production line for the door and door cover of the production and assembly.


Complete sets of real wood shutter door more environmental protection. Except for all solid wood to ensure the complete set of real wood shutter door of environmental protection, its first put forward the concept of the finished product door more pure make complete set of environmental protection of the door.


According to the set of real wood shutter door manufacturers - LiangHeng wood industry company the beam of the total, is different from past the door on the market, after the door buy home no longer need to burnish, brush paint, but even the door cover can use directly installed in the together, buy complete door like to buy a color TV set as simple home. According to introducing, at present both moulded door and real wood shutter door, door of the finished product is not pure, just in the door plank, brush a layer of primer to buy back home, you also need to play ground and brush paint program, paint brush for three to five times, typically take three to five days to use to complete the installation of the door. And in such rework process, because the paint work several times, and thus can cause indoor environment pollution, especially for wood paint is usually use polyester paint, now so dirty.


Complete sets of real wood shutter door, for you to build a simple and easy, beautiful home. In today's domestic outfit industrialization degree is higher and higher, also become more and more domestic outfit project is simple: the floor manufacturer is responsible for the shop floor, ambry has designed industry ambry manufacturer to design, construction, installation, the remaining seems to just paint the walls, do the door, circuit transformation, such as foundation, and the emergence of a complete set of door, the door and door cover production process is removed from the site construction. Due to a set of door itself including door cover, and thus the scene construction can change this part was in the early stage of the project work to the last to do, even after in the shop floor is never too late to book door again, and the benefits of the door can be directly measured then ordered the clear height between the floor and door frame, this measure of the size of the door will be more appropriate, there will be no doesn't close the door or gate and floor has a large gap between the phenomenon.

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